Feature Friday: Drag Queens Eating

One of our favorite accounts on Instagram is DragQueensEating! We cannot get enough of these painted, hungry and wide-eyed queens. The photos run the gamut of emotion and style; blue-haired and busty Dolly’s chomp on sweets in flirtatious ecstasy, while crimped housewives lick lettuce leaves in beautiful agony. The seemingly endless combination of food and dress speaks to the longevity and entertainment of the account. 

We caught up with creator and curator Diana Dzhaketov (pronounced “Jack it off”) to get the scoop on where Drag Queens Eating is coming from.  

 Tell us about DQE!

Drag Queens Eating spawned when I realized that RuPaul had placed the fear of God in every queen’s heart about being seen eating whilst painted. So, I wanted to take back that power and show the world that while we may look like Goddesses, we're still human and require food consumption to survive. So Drag Queens Eating is dedicated to provide the world with pictures of just that, drag goddesses shoving food in their mouths!

What's your favorite thing to put in your mouth?

My favorite thing to put it my mouth would have to be something phallicy like a hot dog or Popsicle or banana because at the end of the day it's still about looking appetizing and the best way to do that is by reminding people of sex.

 Tips and tricks for eating with such perfectly painted mouths?

 The best way to eat while maintaining your makeup is by really just opening wide. The wider the better. I try to unhinge my jaw like a snake feeding on prey when I eat in drag; however, by not having the fear of being messy, you're less likely to actually cause a mess!

Favorite food song?

My favorite food related song would definitely have to be "Milkshake" by Kelis! Even after all these years that song can still get my gyrating.

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