Top to Bottom: Hes Carvalho

Top to Bottom is quick-fire interview series where we show off our cutest friends in the world of food.

Particularly steamy Hesli Carvalho grew up in a small countryside town in Brazil with a huge family. Meals were a major production and some of his fondest memories. Later, Hes spent ten years in computer science before changing trajectories to food. After cooking classes in Sao Paulo, Paris and Istanbul, Hes started a catering service and later, HM Food Cafe, a small restaurant that specializes in simple but incredibly flavorful food. The genuinely eclectic menu is influenced by food from NYC to Japan and considers every piece against three pillars: design, flavor and experience.  

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We caught up with Mr. Carvalho for a little Q&A:

Whats your earliest food memory?

I was around 8 years old, cooking with my grandma. I can remember the taste of the seasoning today.

Favorite cuisine or food origin?

Asian in general (Thailand, Vietnam, Japan, India) and Middle Eastern food.

What's the sexiest thing a guy can eat?

Ice cream.

What's the least sexy thing a guy can eat?


Favorite restaurant in Sao Paulo?

HM Food Café (of course), Arturito e Chou.

Favorite bar or night out in Sao Paulo?

Frank bar at Maksoud Hotel and Festa Mel (party).

Favorite meal to cook?

Traditional food from Minas Gerais - the state that I grew up.

What have you been working on this summer?

Im working on new dishes for lunch in my café - fresh salads and healthy daytime food. Also developing new combinations and flavors of teas + fruits.

Where's the best place for a foodie dude to meet another foodie dude?

Street food market.

What would be your last meal?

My mom's cooking.