Laura Jane Grace on Being Trans in the Punk Community

Laura Jane Grace, founding vocalist of Florida punk band Against Me, talks transitioning, disappearing bandmates and the difference between gender and sexual attraction in a new podcast with Marc Maron.

In a moment that seems to speak directly to Mouthfeel, Grace tells Maron about coming out to the punk community:

People in the punk scene are, in general, kinda homophobic. If it had not come up, I think people would have been way more unaccepting than if I said, ‘Look, this is what’s going on with me, can you please fuck off while I do this.’

While not completely devoid of awkwardness (mostly on the part of host Maron who admits that trans issues aren't really a part of his "everyday life"), the entire interview is a great, mainstream moment for trans people. Grace represents a large number of people, both in the punk community and otherwise, living at this physical and mental intersection of different lives. She might not have the same resources that her contemporaries do but this has hardly stopped her from building the life that she envisions for herself. 

Listen to the full interview here: WTF Podcast With Marc Maron - Laura Jane Grace