Mouthfeel likes to party. 

Rarely, though, does a party intersect with our interests when considering the food on offer - no one really gets a good dance party with great food. LA's Disco Dining Club, however, is doing just that.

The event's conspirator, Courtney Nichols (easily one of the coolest fruit flies on the planet), is bringing another round of her high concept, food forward, open bar parties to Los Angeles: Disco Dining Club: Playground Edition 

This daytime party has everything; a drag queen principle, a vintage lunchbox exhibition, artisanal poppers, a sex toy vending machine...and much more. The playground theme is extremely referential. You're not gonna want to miss this. 

DDC Playground.jpeg

Nichols is a trusted proprietor of such an event. Her eye for camp, class and comfort is matched only by her great taste in food, men and music. "Dabbling in a world that's more theatrical, you have to be connected to the gay community," Nichols says of the culture clashing intersection in which she has found herself. She keeps everything in mind and knows exactly which collaborators to tap. Music for the event is provided by LA's DJ Kerry and Chris Bowen from Bears in Space. 

But the good time doesn't stop at the music. Nichols has enlisted the culinary expertise of her hunky boyfriend Gabriel Cappelli (ABC Kitchen, The Edmond) to provide an elevated school lunch for a fully immersive experience. Like we always say, "Never Leave Hungry" and Nichols has promised that you won't.  

Nichols' take on Los Angeles and disco is fascinating. She believes in the flourishing, underground dance scene that has developed in Southland and very much wants to nurture it. She points to everything from the 2am last call, to the abundance of great venues and to a downtown that is "still very Gotham" - foundational elements of urban culture that support underground projects of overarching public benefit. Disco Dining Club is absolutely at the helm of this. 

Disco Dining Club: Playground Edition

Saturday, October 7th, 2pm - 7pm

Mar Vista Art Department